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Necessity of Emergency and Medical services:  As there is no Advanced & comprehensive Healthcare services in Khammam since years. We are only one 100 bedded Tertiary care super multispecialty hospital in five districts of Khammam, Kothagudem, Mahabubabad, Nalgonda & Warangal. As it is located in Business & Agricultural based village population,. There are many situations where the local people have suffered emergency & critical cases like RTA,OP Poisoning, suicidal cases , lack of medical attention or timely monitoring for heart attack, snake bite, domestic injuries, severe pain & unconsciousness there is virtually lack of good healthcare facility.

Establishment of Healthcare Services:   We have attempted to mitigate this problem by providing healthcare services to the under-served surroundings of Khammam. As most of the population is under below poverty line and middle class as agricultural based who may not able to access healthcare facility. We made them Availability, Accessibility Affordable, Cost effective Quality Healthcare, super specialty & emergency Medical Services under one roof. We made availability of 24/7 Emergency Services, Ambulance, Pharmacy & Diagnostic services where there are lack of attention.

Geography: It is located in the Heart of town ,It’s just 1km from Railway station and 200 mts away from Bus stand. It is accessible to other contiguous areas. It is well connected by Road & Railways from areas like Badradri Kothagudem,Mahabubabad,Nalgonda,Warangal and boarder states of Andhra Pradesh ,Chhattisgarh & Odisha Boarder.

It is equipped with, modern infrastructure and latest medical equipments, high precision instruments, good trauma and critical-care facilities, state of art’ operation theatres, latest diagnostic tools, homely atmosphere with good ambience,. We Stands for influx of quality expertise, technical edge with world class facilities, and intend to extend lifelines of the patients by team of doctors, paramedical staff and compassionate care at affordable cost on par with Corporate Hospitals.


Safety & Security :   It is under CCTV Surveillance with water, electricity, maintenance and security around the clock

Front Office:   Computerized billing With HMIS & 60 Seat patient Waiting Hall, 8 Consultation Rooms with examination Beds with good ventilation & ambience.

Diagnostic Facilities:   We have laboratory with pathological, Biochemistry & Microbiology services equipped with fully automated Analyzers for quick & accuracy diagnostic results, and Radiology with CT Scan, USG ,Color Doppler, C-Arm , Digital& Portable X-Ray,2D-Echo,4D Color Doppler, TMT, Digital ECG, ABG & Electrolyte analyzers etc.

Emergency Care Unit:   5 Bedded with Air conditioned ,Central Gas supply, Central Monitoring system with Multi-parameters, infusion pumps ,Syringe Pumps, ventilators, Defibrillator and basic life support /interventional equipments, instruments ,& accessories along with trained qualified, Dedicated intensivist & paramedical staff.

Operation Theatres :   2 major state of art Operation theatres with OT Tables & Lights, Anesthesia workstations, Laparoscopy, central air conditioning and gas supply,Multi-Paramonitors,ETCO2,,C-Arm,vessel sealer, life support /interventional equipments, instruments ,& accessories along with trained qualified, dedicated paramedical staff around the clock etc.

Critical Care & HDU :   It is a 30- bedded, ‘state-of the art’ facilities, providing multi-parameter hemodynamic monitoring, Defibrillator ,ventilator and central oxygen ,Suction with all life saving equipments, Multi-parameters, Warmers, infusion pumps, Syringe Pumps, ventilators, and basic life support /interventional equipments/accessories. All life saving equipments, Instruments & accessories along with trained qualified, dedicated paramedical staff.

Inpatient Services:   Well Equipped Pre/Post Operative Wards, Deluxe, Semiprivate, Private, Deluxe General Wards & Acute medical wards with Fully fowler beds along with attenders beds, cupboards and bed side tables, Chairs, cartons for privacy. Separate Wards for Male, Female, and Pediatric & Isolation, Medical ,Surgical with curtains for each bed privacy.

Dialysis :  Haemo-Dialysis Machine is available and under the Guidance of Nephrologists .

Physiotherapy :  IFT, Muscle Stimulation, Traction, Short wave Therapy, Cardiac Muscle stimulator and Wax Bath.

CSSD:   With Vertical and Horizontal Sterilizers, Advanced Fumigator, Ultrasound waves sterilizer for effective instrument sterilization and disinfection.

Management:  It is One & only 100 bedded Tertiary care multispecialty hospital which is professionally Managed by Top management with ethical practice followed proper protocols, procedures, policies etc. Hospital is owned and managed by a visionary MP Mr.Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy & dynamic businessman Mr.P.Prasad Reddy , a Pioneer in healthcare of Khammam Mr.Shva Rama Krishna and Renowned Physician of Khammam. In a span 1 year it grown from 50 bedded to 100 bedded and has expansion plans. Availability of dedicated, qualified, experienced, skilled & Supportive Health Professionals around clock.

Health Services Delivery :   We provide Patient Centered transparent Healthcare services with an Average OPD is 100/Day, Average IPD 60/Day & Average Surgeries 10/Day inclusive of all the departments.

Academics:  As people here lack of Health Education & awareness So we are planning for Nursing & Medical college as soon as possible.

Health Reach Out Services:   we conduct CME’s Health Awareness programmes,Health Awareness Rallies and Health Talks,Health Events, Health Camps, Preventive Health checks

Achievements:   It is the only Hospital in this area which is serving maximum no of Emergency & critical Patients not only in the District of Khammam but also Catering to other neighbor districts like Badradri Kothagudem,Mahabubabad,Nalgonda,Warangal and surrounding areas of Andhra Pradesh ,Chhattisgarh & Odisha Boarder.

Scope & Opportunity :  Be professionally associated with our progressive organization where you have a scope to apply my knowledge, experience & skills in serving the people of underserved area with ethical practice can give you personal satisfaction and happiness also be a part of team that dynamically works towards proving healthcare services to the needy also for the growth of the organization:


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